Karansi is part of the ELCT Northern Diocese, Siha District. We are located in Western Kilimanjaro. Karansi is one of the Diocese mission parishes which receives special fund from the Diocese since the parish cannot run itself in terms of meeting its financial needs.


In the past Karansi was a sub parish of the Wiri Lutheran Parish, which had 8 sub parishes by that time. In the year 1999, because the number of believers had increased greatly, and the Wiri Parish became very large, the ELCT Northern Diocese decided to promote Karansi to a full Parish on January 1st 1999. Before this, the Wiri Parish was being taken care of by Pastors Amos Nkini and Pastor Elimwidimi Lema. After Karansi was promoted to a full Parish, Pastor Elimwidimi Lema was assigned to be the Pastor for the new Karansi Parish, while Pastors Amos Nkini was assigned to be a Pastor in Irmolok. Also, Pastor Leonard Kessy was now assigned to be a Pastor in the Wiri Parish.

In those days before the promotion of Karansi, Wiri Parish had 6 Evangelists, namely:

  • Afraeli Kweka
  • Julius Mmari
  • Ndetaramwa Maskawa
  • Mathayo Kombe
  • Moses Laiser
  • Emmanuel Nko

In addition to these Evangelists, every sub parish had a total of 4 Church elders (2 women and 2 men), plus 4 other people who helped them, making a total of 64 people serving the Church in the Wiri Parish.

Also, the Parish had a total of about 627 total members.

After the Promotion of Karansi to a full parish, 3 evangelists (Julius Mmari, Ndetaramwa Masikawa and Emmanuel Nko) were allocated to the new parish while the rest (Afraeli Kweka, Mathayo Kombe and Moses Laiser) continued to serve in the Wiri Parish.

Church Service environment:

Karansi Parish is one among the Parishes of the Diocese know as "Mission Parishes", these are parishes which face big challenges in their day to day operations. Karansi faced high oppositions from the Karansi natives (Waarusha tribe) who were deep immersed in their cultural practices and were therefore against anything that comes as a church. It can be well remembered that in the year 2003, about a thousand natives of Karansi invaded the homes of Christians in Karansi, burned down 14 family houses and left many wounded. They did that in their effort to stop the church's mission of telling the people there about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and also to make other people around afraid of joining the Christian faith.

The conflict went on for 7 years as the case was taken to the Court of Law here in Tanzania. The case is against Christians who had their houses burnt & wounded against the concerned natives.

Amid these suffering, the church in Karansi has continued to operate and many and many people have been touched and joined the Christian faith. You can read more about the services offered by our church in the Church Missions page.

Now Karansi Parish has 4 Sub Parishes which you can read information about them in the Parish Sub Parishes under the "About" menu.

Parish Leaders/Pastors:

Karansi Parish has been led by the following pastors:

Pastor Elimwidimi Lema (1999 - 2000)
Pastor Nishaeli Kileo (2001 - 2002)
Pastor Joshua Laiser (2003 to date)
Karansi Lutheran Parish is among 164 Parishes of the Northern Diocese of ELCT. It is one among the 21 Parishes of the Siha District.

As for now, the parish has the following service men and women:

7 servants in the church service,
14 teachers, 20 church elders,
2 SACCOS workers,
1 teacher for computer class
1 for a tailoring class
5 workers for the Compassion International child service who works with other 7 people from the church’s Child Service committee and 4 mothers-of-love who cook for the children when they meet on weekends.
3 teachers for QT (Qualifying Test) and for those who are re-sitting their form four exams class
12 teachers who teach the children lessons from the Bible every Saturday
18 Sunday School teachers who teach children lessons from the Bible every Sunday