Since Jesus Christ touched all aspects of human life, we also would not like to just take care of the spirit of man, but we also touch other areas too of the mind and body of this man. We have started doing this by providing education to the communities around us.


We have started providing education in our parish where in Karansi we have built a school which now has 9 classes. The school is called Nuru Pre & Primary English Medium School."Nuru" is a Swahili word for "Light that shines".  Eight classes are for teaching little kids and one is used for a computer class for kids and even adults. We now have 6 computers in our computer class. Currently, the school has 309 students and 10 teachers. Every year we are required to build one new class because the number of students keeps rising up each year.

The Parish would like to thank God for our friends, Sherdan Parish of Nebraska Synod in the USA who helped us with this school in:

  • To finish up the construction of 4 church building that we use for worship services in the mentioned sub parishes.

  • To send 3 evangelists to study in college for 4 years to equip them for church service.

  • Construction of buildings for Nuru Pre & Primary school by contributing 80% of the fund and we contributed the other 20%

The Parish is also thankful to Opportunity Education organization who have agreed to partner with us in the following:

  • They joined our school with a friend-school in USA ()

  • They help us by provided teaching materials such as books and audio visual materials, all these materials makes learning easier for students and ease the teaching job for teachers.

  • They have enabled students in our school to establish friendships with students in their school in the USA.

 The Parish also wishes to thank Compassion International Tanzania, for agreeing to sponsor 280 children in Karansi.

However, we are currently facing some challenges in this area. We would like to share some of them here:



  • The fact that many parents in our area (mostly Maasae) never went to school themselves. For this reason, they don’t know the importance of education to the society, and therefore don’t like to send their children to school or paying for school contributions.

  • Teachers want their salaries increased while parents are not responding positively when it comes to paying contributions to support the school.

  • The increase of number of students joining the school every year is too high because our parish is very large and has many people living in its area of coverage. And now, many people want to send their children to English Medium schools.

  • The parish has 4 sub parishes and they are about 10Km from each other, and in all these sub parishes, church workers have to walk since we have no church owned transport.

To counter for all these challenges, we have decided to take the following measures:



  • Because of all these reasons, we decided to start schools in two of the church sub parishes (Kandashe and Sabuko). Currenly, in Kandashe, there are 74 children and 45 children in Sabuko attending classes. All these classes are conducted inside the church building since we have not been able to build any classes there.

  • In Kandashe sub parish, we have prepared 7 hectares of land for building classes for a school and in Sabuko we have prepared 8 hectares for building another school. We plan to start building 1 class in each sub parish, (or 2 classes if we get enough funds to do that). This is because we know that children who are in class this year, next year they will have to give the room to other children who will be starting school.


The area which the church covers is a Maasae populated area, people who are less educated and therefore make our job really difficult. Despite all these challenges, we keep doing God’s work knowing that God has many people who He can join with us so that we can serve God together with us


Because many children here are looking for education, many students are coming from really far places, therefore as for now 34 kids sleeps in the parish (in the pastor's house) since they can’t go home and come back to school (some come from other regions).

The educational awakening is so high now, and especially because many people want their kids to go to English medium school, but according to the rules of English medium schools, a class is allowed to have only 35 to 40 kids only in school.

Our goals in our sub parishes:

In Karansi we have 32 hectares, in Sabuko 8 hectares, Kandashe 7 hectares and Neema 10 hectares, our goal is that in the future, we will would like to have secondary schools which will be seminary schools so that education will be given strictly and also so that even poor people can take their children to school.

Also, in Sabuko, Kandashe and Neema, we plan to have single-stream Primary schools, but in Karansi our plan is to have multiple stream primary school, where each class can take about 35 – 40 students.



All of these our visions/goals are for the good of our society. We have published them here online so that we can invite all ‘good Samaritans’ out there to join us in whatever thing he/she can help us accomplish our goals for the good of the society and country.

As you can see in some of the pictures in this website, that is how our environment is here. So without getting aid from some good Samaritans we cannot accomplish this by ourselves.

We have started all these activities because no one can wait, for the need of the society does not know to wait, just as this saying that “A car’s lift has to find the man walking already walking on the road, walking with hopes” therefore, we also ask for a ‘lift’ from anyone who will see us in this website and see us walking. Also according to this verse form the Bible, “And a vision appeared to Paul in the night; There stood a man of Macedonia, and prayed him, saying, Come over into Macedonia, and help us.”  (Act 16:9 KJV) . We therefore use this opportunity to invite other people of God to come and join hands with us and share the blessings we get by doing what we do for God.