We as a Church, are involved in taking care of people, this is spiritual care, of the body and of the mind, just as Jesus did when He was here on earth. On this page, you will find information about the spiritual services offered by the Karansi ELCT Parish to people around us.

Preaching of the Gospel

We preach the Word of God in its completeness as Jesus did when He was here on earth and left that job to the church. We preach the gospel inside our church and even outside, like conducting Gospel Crusades, visiting the homes of those who can’t come to the church due to various reasons (may be because they are sick), visiting those who can but don’t attend church, talk to them to find out what is keeping them from coming to church and praying for them for whatever challenges they are facing.

The church also reaches out to the non-believers and tell them about Jesus Christ, where we have seen many of them start coming to church.

  • The church has prepared other servants of God to join us in serving God. There are like Evangelists, parish workers and church elders and preachers who come to preach in Gospel Crusades.

Deacon Services

We also provide deaconia services to the poor people among us, helping them by taking them to church for those who can’t and we also provide financial aid to them by using a special fund we have started which we call “Charity Fund” which members of the church themselves contribute. Through this, many people have come to see the love of God showed to them by their fellow, and ultimately made them come to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Youth Ministries

More than 60% of Tanzanian population is made up of youths and children. For that reason, the Church is also putting a great emphasis on reaching out to the youths with the Gospel of Christ and also life skills.The church speaks with the youths by preparing youth seminars about Christian morals. This has always been useful t them for example when they lose hope due to life difficulties especially economically, and we give them hopes that if they work hard and trust God, they will succeed.

The church also educates the youth about how to keep themselves from drugs, being drunk, and adultery; that they should obey God so that they can escape these tragedies. The best way to speak to these youths is to prepare special seminars for them where they can also ask questions and we can answer them.

Children Ministries

We start ministering to people since when they are young kids. In every sub-parish of Karansi, we have Children's Sunday Schools where we teach them Bible lessons to help them grow up in the knowledge of God. Currently, we have 18 Children's Sunday School teachers who meets with the children every Sunday to instruct them in the way of the Word of God. 

The church also partners with Compassion International organization in taking care of the children of Karansi.Through this organization, 280 children are being taught Bible lessons every Saturday when they all meet together. They are also taught other things such as we have mentioned before.

When these kids grow up a little more, they are enrolled to a Confirmation Class where they are taught lessons that enable them to become matured/adult Christians. They normally graduate from this class after two years of teaching and we normally have Confirmation Ceremonies for them.

The Gospel to Schools

We are thankful that the government has allowed schools to set aside special sessions in the school's timetable for religion teachings. We use this opportunity to visit these youths in primary schools, secondary schools and even colleges to tell them the Good News of Jesus Christ. We pray to God that the good seeds we plant in their lives will grow to produce fruits that will glorify God.

Church Choirs

The church has a total of 9 Choirs, 1 is made up of young children who meet every Saturday for Bible lessons, 1 is made up of women only, 2 are made up of youths only and others are made up of mixed people.