To reach more people and present them wider chances of prospering in their lives, we have also decided to establish a vocational training center where we teach people a variety of courses. Our goal is to enable people who take these courses to employ themselves as well as using their knowledge to positively impact our society. In our training center, we now offer the following courses:

Computer Courses

Karansi ELCT Parish has started a computer class for those who have gone to Secondary schools and even those who haven’t. This is also aimed at helping these youths to be able to employ themselves and have good life after they successfully graduate from our computer courses. This class also teaches primary school students basic computer courses.

English Courses

We have started an English course class for those who have never gone to secondary school and even to those who went to secondary school but failed, so that they can all come and study English again. Our goal is to enable them to be able to speak and write a fluent English so that this may be a tool to help them pursue other fields of study.

Carpentry Courses

 We have also established carpentry classes for youths, so that instead of just roaming in the street jobless , they can get the knowledge and later employ themselves since many people around here use lots of furniture which makes a good market for carpenters.

Tailoring Courses

 Because the level of education here is really low, many students are not able to continue their education to secondary school, we decided to vocational courses which are tailoring class which has now 25 girls who are taking tailoring classes for two years from 2013 to 2014. We do this so that they can then employ themselves and keep themselves away from street gangs and bad pie groups. This is also to keep them away from parents who frequently force them to get married to people the parents selects and at a time the parents decide.

Qualifying Test (Q.T)

 We have started classes that enable students to get secondary education in a period of two years (known as Qualifying Test [QT] in our country) so that we can give chance for secondary education to those who missed it. And to those who failed their Form Four examinations, we give them a chance to re-sit their exams or to start studying again. This class now has only 10 students, and its because not many people have the ability to pay for these courses.

Plans for the future

 By God's help, in the future we would like to establish a Vocational Training College which will be able to produce experts in carriers we mentioned above plus masonic, auto mechanic, electricians and also business studies, so that by this way, we will help the youth society to employ themselves and also employ others. We give them a quality of education that is approved by government education authorities.