Neema Sub Parish:

"Neema" is a Swahili translation for the word "Grace". Neema is one of our sub parishes and is currently being led by Evangelist Peter Lema.

Some of his responsibilities includes:

  • Leading the sub parish in terms of conducting worship services in the church,

  • Visiting people in their homes and also ministering the Holy Communion to them.

  • He is also responsible to make other church decisions and when they are too big for him, he can then direct them to the Parish level.

  • Teaching religion lessons in primary schools located in his sub parish area of coverage

  • Conducting burial service with coordination with the parish level. He is an overseer and counselor to the church choir in his sub parish

  • When visiting the homes, if he finds any person who is too poor and needs a help in repairing the house or anything else, he reports to the Parish and we organize to help them.