Sabuko Sub Parish:

"Sabuko"  is a Maasae name meaning “Large land”, this is because in the past, Maasae  people were migrants to take care of their cattle, and when they arrived at this land, they saw that it was large enough for them to live and therefore the name "Engop Sapuk" (which means a large land) The name Sabuko was derived from this name. Sabuko is one of our sub parishes and is currently being led by Evangelist Jackson Mbise.

Some of his responsibilities includes:

  • Leading the sub parish in terms of conducting worship services in the church,

  • Visiting people in their homes and also ministering the Holy Communion to them.

  • He is also responsible to make other church decisions and when they are too big for him, he can then direct them to the Parish level.

  • Teaching religion lessons in primary schools located in his sub parish area of coverage

  • Conducting burial service with coordination with the parish level. He is an overseer and counselor to the church choir in his sub parish

  • When visiting the homes, if he finds any person who is too poor and needs a help in repairing the house or anything else, he reports to the Parish and we organize to help them.